Why Do I Sweat So Much When I Workout : Sweating During Exercise Benefits

Why do I sweat so much when I workout? If it’s Thursday and I’m already in a bad mood, I would normally opt for the most horrible, heart-wrenching workout I could find in the Fitness Zone. This one with me, started like any other. It was a cardio workout and right away my sweat glands were working overtime. I sweated like a beached whale on a boat, I was covered in sweat, and all I wanted to do was change out of my running clothes and go do something else. On a good day, exercising in this workout was pretty strenuous, but on a bad day it was torture.

To make matters worse, there were three more of these workouts in the hour that followed and I’m pretty sure that I somehow lost my mind in the process. When I got off my personal cross-trainer (so embarrassing) I had to go do a short run that made my feet start sweating as soon as I started running. This made it so that my sweat was actually dripping from my eyebrows. Do you know how gross that is? I was a sweaty mess and even though I was in the shower as soon as I was done with the fitness workout, I had to wear a bath towel to work.

I looked like I was a slob on the day before a birthday party. Do I even know what a birthday party looks like? Do you? If not, just don’t go, so not worth it! If all of this is true, then I need to go back to the fitness center and find a different workout, because why in the world am I sweating so much in the first place? As for the reason I’m sweating so much… It’s only me. I am the reason why I’m sweating so much. To start off, my workout was only half an hour long, but because I was doing so many intervals, I didn’t get in a full workout. What is an interval?

It’s the most over-used workout term out there. So, instead of calling it an interval, let’s just call it what it is… I did a warm-up, cool-down, and cardio workout. If I was going to go on a 20 minute run, it should have been the fastest, fastest run that I could ever imagine. Instead, I took my time, and I got in 45 minutes, which doesn’t sound like much to me, but I sweat so much that I had to shower and change. Do you realize that the average person sweats between 300-500 ml of sweat per hour? I’m sweating over a liter a minute… That is so freakin’ ridiculous.

I’m a sweaty beast. When I get in a workout, I can sweat for 10-20 minutes. On the other hand, if I get into a good cardio workout, I sweat for 90 minutes (on a good day). If I don’t do cardio, I sweat for an hour. Again, crazy, but it’s true. You see, when I’m in my workouts I always start sweating on the ride there and by the time I finish the workout I’m a hot sweaty mess. What does this mean? Well, when I get into a workout and I’m sweating so much, I’m actually breathing so much harder.

That’s because I’m breathing in a ton of sweaty air, so when I’m breathing harder, my sweat’s going to be going deeper into my lungs, giving me more of an oxygen boost. Now, my breathing is going faster than it was going in the gym because I’m trying to put more oxygen into my lungs, so when I do a workout, it’s already becoming harder, and I know I’m going to get even sweatier! I’m a walking, breathing freak show! Even if I’m not working out, I’m sweating, and it’s all for a reason.

I’m not just sweating to get a cool body, I’m sweating because I’m getting in some good cardio work. This is what you should be doing all of the time, so don’t worry about exercising in the hot summer, you’ll be hot and sweating as you get into that cardio workout… Because I can guarantee it will be sweat-fest for you as well! There are so many benefits of working out and doing a good cardio workout. If you’re looking for some good tips on working out, then check out my book “20 Minute Workout: The Fitness Program for Women Who Don’t Have Time to Spend More Time at the Gym” for more information.